2021 Ash Wednesday Service

Feb 17, 2021 by

Typically, we gather on this day in a service of penitence and reflection during which we impose ashes on each other’s foreheads in the shape of the Cross. As with most services done in the shadow of the pandemic, things are a bit different. Therefore, we ask you to join us today on this Ash Wednesday, to begin the season of Lent. Starting at 10am and going until 6pm, we will be having a 30 min. pre-type service playing on our TVs in the sanctuary, and you are welcome to come to the church for reflection and receiving of ashes. At 5pm today on our YouTube channel, the service will be available to be watched from the safety of your homes. Ashes are available at the church for pickup and even delivery. https://youtu.be/aK5UdLsQ_Pg

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